Great Site For Backlinks and Bookmarks

Great Site For Backlinks and Bookmarks
Great Site For Backlinks and Bookmarks
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If you would like to create more social media back links then SocialADR is the site you have been looking for.  I have used it for about a week and I have already gotten great results.  Below is a review from

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The SocialAdr Review
I signed up for the $47/month account on March 24th, because I was looking for a way to automate social bookmarks and social media backlinks. Every time I created a site or started a project, I didn’t want to babysit questionable bookmarking software, spend time setting up and/or signing into multiple accounts with various social bookmarking sites or spend huge amounts of time on social media sites trying to get Likes, +1′s and Tweets.
Does SocialAdr work?
Yes, SocialAdr’s bookmarking and social media marketing service does work. It delivers what it claims 100%.
You probably found this site from a search engine. The only promotion I’ve done for this site is to put the post links and homepage into my SocialAdr account, and it’s ranking #1 or on the #1 page of Google for several keywords both short and long tail.
However, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s perfect.
My Initial Results
On March 24th, I added just one bookmark of a friend’s site to test the service. I paused that bookmark on March 26th, and by then that one site received 91 social bookmarks and 2 Tweets. These submissions came from 9 different people with different IP addresses.
Here’s a video from March 29th shot around 9:30pm

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